Don’t Be Such a Baby

For the lazy reader: The following entry is asking the age old question — why are grown-ups not allowed to act like babies?  Kevin makes no attempt to shed any rational thought on the subject.  If you read this because you are a lazy reader, you should probably go ahead and read the blog entry since it is about the same length as this summary.  The author apologizes for any energy exerted needlessly.

Why are babies able to get away with crazy stuff and grown-ups can’t?  Is it because they are cute?  Is it because they are just tiny awkward versions of us and we find that irresistible?  What’s the deal?

Babies can cry whenever they want.  They can throw their food and their toys — even at another person.  They can use the bathroom on themselves.  Babies can also sleep at any moment they desire — in fact, it is encouraged.  If things don’t go their way, they don’t have to get over it or even suck it up.

Have you ever tried any of those things?   Don’t.  Especially in public.  I can hear the cops now — “Take ’em away boys!  But watch out, he’s wearing a diaper.”


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