Late Night Entertainment

For the lazy reader: The following entry is about Kevin and a group of his friends at a late showing of a recent box office smash.  Hilarity ensues.

Last night I decided to take in a movie with a group of friends.  I will not disclose the name of the film so that I cannot be held accountable if you were to see it.  Let’s just say it had a 50 foot naked guy in it.

While this movie is not for everyone, it was quite interesting and quite long.  When it finally ended, I looked at my watch with great surprise — 12:55 am — way later than I had anticipated being out.  So we got up and made our way out of the darkened room.  There is always that funny feeling when your movie runs late and you walk out into the lobby and find that the staff apparently has gone home for the night and expects you to lock up when you are finished.  Why doesn’t more looting and plundering take place at this point?  It’s shocking.  I mean, you don’t have a bumbling teen behind the counter guarding the box of $5 Reese’s Pieces.

Perhaps what I found more shocking was the man who at almost 1 am, after having been entertained by a Hollywood blockbuster and after having ponied-up $10 for a ticket decides to play the claw machine.  What is going on in his life that makes him think, “Claw machine?  Fifty cents?  One o’clock in the morning?  Alright — I think I can win that stuffed Batman in the back…his leg is sticking out.  How can I lose?”

Indeed my good man, how could you lose?



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4 responses to “Late Night Entertainment

  1. everything i thought it would be. and more. you gotta admit though…we all need at least one stuffed batman. maybe he just hadn’t gotten his yet.

  2. Jeff Short

    OK I couldn’t resist a peek. Kevin, you should read Max Weber. Your friend Tyler makes a good point that Weber’s philosophy addresses directly. Why would he want the stuffed batman? This is a question equal to asking yourself why you wanted to see the movie you were leaving. Weber was a sociologist and philosopher whose ideas were exploited by economists. The aspect of his writing I was drawn to discusses a person’s value-orientation, which is basically the reason behind all decisions made by people.

  3. Jesse

    Indeed my man, how could you lose?

    Priceless. Yea, I heard that that movie might be a disappointment. I haven’t read it in a while so i need to refresh my memory before I too take in the film but I am slightly skeptical.

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