Getting Back to the Basics of Life

I have been away on a planning retreat with my job.  We are staying in these little cabins that are quaint and suitable for planning retreats.  The cabin is rustic.  By rustic, I mean that it does not have a dishwasher.

Remember those days?  Washing dishes by hand like a sucker?  Scrubbing and rinsing and having to balance that last pan on the ever-disappearing counter top?  Elbow deep in cruddy water?  Yeah, I remember those days — and by remembering those days, I mean, I remember this morning.  I washed dishes by hand.  Like our forefathers.



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2 responses to “Getting Back to the Basics of Life

  1. Lacey

    Remember in the early days when we would just wash two plates or two spoons right before our meal because we were such lazy bums?

  2. hey, I still wash dishes by hand at my house.

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