Is This Racist?

While dining at a Japanese steakhouse, I experienced something new — our chef was not of Asian descent.  His name was Victor.  Victor.  Never once was I forced to just smile and laugh because of some communication breakdown.  I understood him clearly.  I never felt compelled to roar with laughter because I assumed his joke must be funny in Japan even though I had no clue what was happening.  I was following his logic.  It just wasn’t as thrilling when Victor set the onion on fire.  It was more like something I would do in my kitchen.  I wasn’t amused when he was whipping my food around the room — throwing shrimp tails at innocent patrons.

I will let you off the hook this time Japanese steakhouse.  Next time, I want my chef to be of Asian descent or else I will fold my arms in protest…that is until you finish cooking my food.


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  1. i’ve been waiting for your racism to be exposed. finally!

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