1 out of 24

I think a great episode of 24 would be where we follow Jack for an hour while he does normal stuff.  I wanna see him walk somewhere in real time.  I wanna see him get caught in traffic and we watch the riveting 30 minutes as he creeps along at 7 m.p.h. and shouts menacingly into his hijacked cell phone.  I wanna see Jack go into the bathroom and come out after the appropriate time.  I don’t need to see Jack eat — I am sure that because of his lousy day he is probably fasting.  I don’t expect Jack to sacrifice his faith for the sake of entertainment.  God bless you Jack Bauer, and God bless America.



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5 responses to “1 out of 24

  1. I’d like to see him shave. Do you think he goes against the grain, or with it?

  2. pbphoto

    Who would win: Jack or Chuck Norris?

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