I just saw a commercial for the most worrisome product I have seen in recent years.  And by recent years I mean recent days.  It is a new dog food called Nutrish.  Sounds like a Tyler Stanton-ism first of all, but possibly the most jarring tidbit is that it is created by Rachael Ray — the Shaq of the food world.  Maybe one day, we can all own some Rachael Ray whity-tighties…similar to the ones you could buy when Shaq was at the height of his sellout fame.  Remember Kazaam?  It’s where Shaq was ” A Rappin’ Genie with an attitude…and he’s ready for some slam-dunk fun.” 

I wish I could say I owned a pair of what some marketing genius thought was solid gold.




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5 responses to “Nutrish

  1. dude- i cringe when i hear her say ‘nutrish’ on that commercial. classic rachael ray.

    • kevinkeigley

      Is it because it’s something you have said before? Maybe about a healthy meal that you ate? Something like, “Dang, that meal was nutrish!”?
      That’s why you cringe my friend.

  2. Lacey

    That is just really gross. Shaq underwear? I feel sorry for the factory workers that had to deal with that product line.

  3. Mmmm, Nutrish….Isn’t that what Brits put on their sandwiches?

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