Thanks Again Ruby

As I looked into the mirror today one last time, I proceeded to cut my own hair.  I used scissors.  I used a pink comb that I found in the bottom of a drawer.  Prior to my self-haircut, I actually had what was the beginning of dude-bangs.  Thanks again Ruby.  As I watched the hair fall, it took me back to a moment in my life where I had to have looked like an escaped mental patient.

It was back in Virginia.  One hot summer day, I decided that my hair was getting too long.  Being alone at the time and not wanting to drive 45 minutes into town, I decided to cut my own hair.  So, I grabbed the necessary tools — electric trimmers, extension cord and a giant mirror.  I was only wearing my boxer shorts as I stood out on the deck that balmy day.  I positioned the mirror in a rocking chair and began to shave off piles of hair.  The hair was clinging to my body.  I was blindly shaving my head.  I began to laugh at the atrocious clump of hair still clinging desperately to my scalp.  It was then that it hit me — I looked like a sweaty-toothed madman.  There I was, covered in my own hair, trimmers in hand, laughing hysterically as I looked into a mirror…while wearing only boxer shorts.  Despite my revelation, I finished the job, got showered and then immediately made an appointment to have my haircut for real the next day.

Today, I didn’t feel as crazy — I was wearing pants.



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2 responses to “Thanks Again Ruby

  1. how can you tell this story without providing photo proof?

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