I May Have an Addiction

I could be addicted to pot.  The Neti Pot that is.  Have you seen this thing?  Nay, have you tried this thing?  I was a skeptic until a trusted friend of mine recommended it.  I was open to anything after having been diagnosed with a genuine sinus infection — it was miserable.  I found relief in a little plastic pot of homeopathic goodness.

The only drawback to this thing is how you have to use it.  You fill the pot with warm water, you mix in the provided powder, and then you shove the tip of the pot into your nose and try not to drown over your sink.  The photo below is of some tool who thought to have himself photographed while performing this procedure.


Yes, the process makes you look ridiculous, but the relief is worth it.  The relief comes when the pot is empty and you blow your nose.  You watch in amazement as dust, pollen and Hot Wheels  cars come flying out of your nostrils.  You’ll do it again and again and again.  It is addictive.

So the next time you and your sinuses are suffering or the next time you have an insatiable desire to look like the tool above, may I recommend using the Neti Pot.  Just buy your own.  You can’t use mine — that would be gross.



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6 responses to “I May Have an Addiction

  1. Mandy

    Glad to see that I have a fellow pot addict (Neti pot that is).

  2. nate

    non pilgrims just use afrin nasal spray. it works the same, and it feels less ridiculous.

  3. You should probably go green and reuse the liquid.

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