My Friend Tom

Some of you may not know this, but I am pretty good friends with Tom Cruise.  He actually dropped by a week ago for a visit on his way to Smith Mountain Lake, VA.  He has a house there — in fact, that is where we met.

I was on a shoot for Cable 12 (my former life in VA as a videographer/director/VP) at Smith Mountain Lake for a fishing tournament.  Turns out Tom is an angler and loves competitive fishing.  So there I am, camera in hand, and this guy walks up to get a better view of the action.  He starts talking to me and I turn and look and BOOM — it’s Tom.  We talk for a bit and found out we had a lot in common.  We talked about television and how he got his start in local ads and on and on we chatted.  I almost missed the tournament because I was so caught up in talking with him.  I mean hey…Tom Cruise!

We e-mail on occasion and whenever he is in the area, he drops in to see us and the kids.  This photo was taken last week — Piper was amazed.  She is so funny!  He brought that CASH shirt for Piper (because he knows how much I love Johnny Cash) and then took off his sweater revealing his surprise.

(Here is another recent visit.)




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5 responses to “My Friend Tom

  1. nate

    i have this picture in my office of me and kev and tyler on the beach, holding hands with our much larger black parents. kev, do you remember who the mastermind behind that creation was? hmmmm.

  2. I have thought long and hard about what comment to leave on this post.

  3. tom

    Great seeing you and the fam bud. Glad you liked the “Cash” shirt so much. Took awhile to find a onesie like that.
    VA is well. Miss having you around here.


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