Best and Worst 6

One of the best things in the world: the idea of the program called Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV
One of the worst things in the world: to have actually watched Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV



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4 responses to “Best and Worst 6

  1. clancop

    Ya tell me about it. Made the mistake of sitting through Vikings vs Samurai and even after the showed in their tests how ineffective the katana (or any slashing weapon for that matter) was against viking mail, they still said the samurai would win.

    Historically inaccurate, and just downright stupid. The show’s sole purpose it seems is to fulfill this geek’s “wet dreams”.

    • kevinkeigley

      Thus far I am batting 1,000 for calling the victor from just the previews (only 2 shows I know). I just went with what I thought would be politically correct — even for Spike TV. I think they would be hard pressed to show an American Indian getting destroyed by a gladiator. I even went for samurai because it just seemed more politically correct. The next one is ninja versus Spartan. I think I will go Spartan because it is capitalized.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. clancop

    Your streak continues. I could have called this one though, especially since you don’t send someone who does their best to avoid combat against a warrior who was bred to master it.

    Well I am having trouble on my blog with respect to this. Some guy thinks I was being racist for saying Samurai were no match for Vikings… It is really pathetic…

  3. kevinkeigley

    You make me laugh when you say “nerd fantasy”. That is hilarious.
    I have given up on the show and politely mock those that talk about it the day after it airs.
    I don’t know who they have in the arena next, but one thing is certain — there are going to be some really passionately sad people on the show displaying their archaic talents for the world.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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