If you are a promising young dad, are you tired of being yanked out of a deep sleep because your son has knee-bombed your John Thomas?  Have you ever been reclining peacefully in a resting apparatus and your son drops from the rafters like a knee-wielding banshee?  Are you technically a man?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, chances are fantastic that you would reap many benefits from the DUP.  DUP is the most trusted name in the realm of protective inner-type  clothing.  DUP has been providing surprise protection for busy dads for the last 5 years, give or take.  How long are you going to let it go on before you flip?

“I can barely catch my breath to offer a comment.  I am going to buy DUP right away!”
Derrick Manspile, almost DUP user for unknown number of years

“Since having my son Bergen, I may not have to have preventative surgery for producing more children like him.  Though his methods are painful, violent and sure, I would rather consider seeing a specialist.  Until that time, DUP is for me  Thanks DUP!”
Kevin Keigley, promising young dad




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2 responses to “The DUP

  1. kevinkeigley

    Just so you know, Bergen inspired this post.
    Thanks Little Man.


  2. nate

    should friends of promising young dads also consider this product? based on my experience w/ bergen, the knee wielding banshee, last week; the answer is yes.

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