Are you vertically challenged?  Are you a guy and only 4’7″?  Do you feel like you are missing out on what the 5’5″ guys talk about in the locker room?  If so, there is a system that will forever change your perspective.  It’s called Riceheight*.  With Riceheight, you can start walking tall and everyone is going to take notice.
With our patented system, all you have to do is lie down on a flat surface, enlist a volunteer to take grains of rice and make a line of them that extends from the top of your head, traces your body, to the bottom of your feet.  Make sure that they just do it on one side.  If your left side is taller than your right, by all means — go left.  Now for the fun.  Make sure that your friend counts all the grains and then ask them the how tall you are.  The result?  You are however many grains of rice tall!  Look at this example…

Associate:  You Bill, you sure are walking different today, what’s up?  Did you have surgery?
Bill:  No, I am just taller today.
Associate:  Really?  You look the same to me…
Bill:  No, I am taller, trust me.
Associate:  Well, how tall are you then?
Bill:  1,012.
Associate:  What does that mean?
Bill:  Look over there — is that Magic Johnson?
Associate: [Turns head] Where!?
Bill: [runs away taller]

Wanna be 1,000 of something — or more?  With Riceheight, things are gonna start changing for you.  Try it today!


*Riceheight is not scientifically proven to increase your height and may cause drowsiness, fatigue, bad breath and an overall general  feeling of malaise.



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2 responses to “RICEHEIGHT

  1. Daddy I know you could make money off of this. Hmmmm…. new job title Kevin Keigley- Creative Director and Amazing Sale men.

  2. I am 254 grains of rice tall, depending on which type of rice you use. Grains are between 5-12 mm in length. I decided on 7 mm, since that is a holy number.

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