Mancode #521 – No Tears

As a man, I probably shouldn’t be telling you our secret codes for fear of being kicked out — kicked out of the Man Club.

Scenario: You are playing your guts out in a pick-up game of football.  While attempting some heroic play, you land poorly and hear a popping sound coming from the vicinity of your ankle — it is a terrible sprain and you are tempted to cry.

Mancode#521: While it is understood that you are in a great amount of pain, never let them see you cry.  As your buddies are walking up to you laughing their tails off, that is when you grab a bunch of dirt in your hand and smear it on your face.  They won’t see the tears and will assume you got mud in your eye while attempting your dazzling play.  Then you get up and finish the game and wait until you get home to cry.


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