Mancode #400 – The Auto Parts Store

As a man, I probably shouldn’t be telling you our secret codes for fear of being kicked out — kicked out of the Man Club.

Scenario: Your vehicle is jacked up and you have to run to the auto parts store to get the right parts for your car.  You are a bit daunted by the task because you know that your mechanical knowledge is not up to Mancode.  Upon entering the store, you see guys draped over the parts counter who actually know what they are talking about.  You know that if you open your mouth, they will see right through you and thus you will become silently blackballed by the store owner.

Mancode#400: This one can be tricky.  One idea is to go in prepared.  Have a trusted friend tell you the exact parts you need.  Memorize the list and when you are asked what you need, take a deep breath and recite the list as if it were coming off the top of your head.  Another idea is to take your parts list in and wait until the parts counter clears of learned men.  Then you can approach the counter and gently expose your ignorance.  The most popular option is to just take it to a mechanic and talk to him as if you just have no time to do it yourself — that is why you had to take it to him.  If you do this one, don’t be too degrading.  He may talk about you when he goes to the parts store to take his place at the counter.


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