I Am Ashamed to Admit…

I am not going to lie — blogging is tough.  It is a good kind of tough.  It forces me to think, to be creative and to choose my words wisely.  I see it as an artform — like a marvelous statue I am freeing from a slab of marble.

Some days are easier than others.  I am ashamed to admit this, but there are days that you could determine my mood just by looking at my blog stats (see image below).


This is an actual still image from my blog stats.  You can see that May 7, 2009, is the last day shown.  You can see that the line chart dips way down.  You can also see that on May 4, 2009, blog hits were up.  It is funny how this affects me — it could be my mood chart, all based upon your views.

I will continue to hone my craft and ask that you keep reading and supplying occasional feedback.  So, that being said, I will continue to work through my tears today while thinking about the good ol’ days…like the 4th of May.


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One response to “I Am Ashamed to Admit…

  1. Oh, how I can relate. Should we go to counseling for it?

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