Sally Beauty Supply

The other day I went to Sally Beauty Supply.  This is the store where budding cosmetologists shop and swap stories.  It is also where I have to go every once and again to acquire supplies for the Keigley Barber Shop.  That’s right, I cut hair.  Though I do cut hair, I am not keen on going to Sally Beauty Supply.  When I do go, I feel like a poser, I feel inadequate and sometimes I feel like a girl.

I entered the store looking for certain kind of tool — thinning shears.  I had cut Bergen’s hair earlier that day and I’d thought that those scissors would prove useful on his little mug.  I looked around and an overdone woman (makeup-wise) looked up at me and asked if she could be of service.  I told her that she could be of service and I explained my mission.  She then directed me to the specialty scissors.  As I made my way to those tools, I looked around the store — flat-irons, blow dryers, hair extension supplies and the like abounded.  She pointed out three different products of varying prices.  I grabbed the mid-priced pair.

I then made my way to the counter and she asked me a question.

“Do you have a Sally Beauty Card?”

I laughed uproariously.  How could I have a Sally Beauty Card?  I mean, Sally is a store for girls and their hairdressers.  Sally is a place that I would never go let alone require some sort of frequent shopper card.

My fit of hilarity was cut short as the overdone woman slowly raised her eyes and looked at me — almost pitifully.  It was then that I realized these things:
1.  Sally Beauty was where she worked and where she gave me great service
2.  Judging by her overdone look, she made use of Sally’s products
3.  I was standing in the store purchasing goods, so who the heck am I?

I gave her my money and walked out with my head hanging low.  I thought of how much of a chump I was, and also…how great this story will be for my blog.



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2 responses to “Sally Beauty Supply

  1. Emma

    I think it’d be great if you had a Sally card attached to your keys.

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