MoTown is From Outer Space

Recently Mosely, or MoTown, has become a bit more extroverted.  Normally, she hangs in the background and offers little chirps and squeals to any given situation — but not anymore.  In fact, she has become so loud and boisterous, that I have wondered if she was the same kid.  One day I inquired:

MoTown:  Ergahdihqjaagh!
Me:  Motown, what planet are you from?
MoTown:  Naarn!
Me:  O — that explains it.  You are like a malfunctioning robot from outer space.
MoTown:  (Proceeds to act like short-circuiting robot with flailing arms)  I am a robot, I am a robot [laughter/squeals/sparks]!
Me:  Woah.



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One response to “MoTown is From Outer Space

  1. lacey35

    It seems almost wrong somehow to reveal this truth.
    Remember that show Small Wonder?
    Can we profit from this in any form?
    Oh wait, that seems somehow wrong as well.

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