Pregnancy Can Be Tough

Let me tell you this — if there is one thing that will get you a badge of courage, it is making it through a pregnancy.  There are so many things that you have to endure and still get up in the morning and power through your day.  There is so much discomfort, so much frustration and so many hardships, that the actual process of birthing the baby can be a relief.

For instance, the other night, Lacey was having a hard time going to sleep.  She asked me if I would rub her feet.  I obliged, but guess what — I still had to get up early and go to work the next morning!  Another hardship is when we are watching television and all of a sudden, she has to “stretch out”.  So what happens?  I have to make some serious seating adjustments just so I can be comfortable again and watch my stories.  But the absolute worst is when Lacey is all “in labor” and she is making a fuss about feeling “pain” and experiencing “contractions” and who has to listen to it?  This guy.

Why does it have to be all about her?  Can’t she see how tough it is for me?  I can’t wait until this pregnancy is over.



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3 responses to “Pregnancy Can Be Tough

  1. Me too! I mean, my wife goes over there and helps Riley to paint the baby’s room, and her muscles are sore. Like Lacey “can’t” do it because she’s “pregnant”. Oh, and the fact that she hasn’t had the kid yet? What an inconvenience for us. We are busy this weekend, and Mandy is going to Atlanta on Monday for a week. Think about us for a second, come on!

  2. what about during the actual birth when you have to lean over like that and help her breathe? my back was sore for like ten minutes after that. we got it rough bro.

  3. nate


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