24 in 24

Jack’s day is over, he may die — doubtful.
Renee became Jack.
Tony is a tool.
Presidency stinks.
Kim Bauer is still lame.

Worst season.



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5 responses to “24 in 24

  1. pbphoto

    “Worst season.”

    Uh, YEAH! What a disappointment. Can’t believe that I liked the “Survivor” finale better than 24.

  2. Lacey

    I can’t believe I invested 24 hours of my OWN life in Jack’s pseudo-life.

  3. Imagine how I feel after watching it twice. I long for the days of Nina Meyers and David Palmer.

  4. lacey35

    Ahh – Nina. I had forgotten about her.

    And no president holds a candle to Palmer.

    I still think of him as Palmer when I hear his voice on those Allstate ads.

    We ARE in good hands. We are.

  5. maggie

    The episode when palmer got shot in the head was the last episode that I have watched. I was sitting in my dorm room watching it. It was sad. I had a crush on him.

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