Watch Out for Army

Bergen’s little army men are like non-lethal landmines scattered all around the floor in his room.
I step on one, I hear a faint snapping sound and then I freeze — afraid to move.
I gingerly take another step and then I feel the wrath of a fallen plastic soldier.  Their tiny remains pierce the flesh of my tender foot.
I clasp my hand over my mouth so that my yelp does not wake my sleeping son.
I slowly raise my foot and stare through the faint light at my slightly blood-soaked sock.
It is absolute carnage.
I forget why I even went into his room in the first place.




Filed under Observations

2 responses to “Watch Out for Army

  1. lacey35

    So, I think you are pretty funny. I particularly enjoy your tags.

  2. maggie

    When we were kids we were not allowed to eat Nerds because they would end up gettin spilled on the floor and then Dad would step on them and they would hurt his feet… to this day I feel guilty when I eat Nerds. He was paticular about his feet… something about diabetes… whatever.

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