Mancode – Adolescent Edition

As a man, I probably shouldn’t be telling you our secret codes for fear of being kicked out — kicked out of the Man Club.

It takes some time to become a full-fledged man.  As men, we spent loads of time in that wonderful phase called adolescence.  Here are a few rules of the adolescent soon-to-be-man:

1.  Though you want to shave, do not.  Everyone loves a thinstache — especially your mom.

2.  Make sure you stock up on muscle shirts so that you can display your newly formed biceps.

3.  Check daily on the progress of your underarm hair.

4.  Don’t shout for joy the first time someone confuses you for your dad when you answer the phone.  Keep it cool.  Soon they will stop confusing you for your  mom.

5.  Make sure you choose your first gold chain necklace carefully.

6.  Girls love it when you tease them just like you did in the 3rd grade.

7.  Make sure you are always ready to have a chip on your shoulder.

8.  You must always be prepared to flex your arm if a girl should happen to come into contact with you.

9.  When your teacher calls on you in class, be sure you answer with a voice that is deeper that your normal everyday-talking-voice.

10.  Take comfort in the fact that none of your other guy friends are going to be as awesome as you.


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