I have recently decided that it is perfectly cool for two dudes to go on a ManDate.  The ManDate is just a generic term for when dudes hang out and do real guy stuff.

They may go to a local establishment where food and beverages are served.  They may partake of those items and talk about guy stuff the duration of the meal.  It is also possible for a couple of guys to take in a sporting event or experience a form of outdoor recreation together.  All of this is normal and not weird.

But I must go now, my buddy’s car just pulled up and if I don’t hurry, he will honk his horn at me.  If that happens, I’ll get flustered and our whole night will suffer let me tell you.  I hope we are going fishing — it’s his turn to decide.


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  1. Lacey

    Funny. You are. And your tags. They are as well.

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