Stryper – ‘Nuff Said

Back in the day, I used to own all of Stryper’s cassettes.  I knew all of their lyrics and their face-melting guitar riffs.  After watching this video (you don’t have to view the whole thing to get the gist), it made me want to be a soldier just like them — yellow and black spandex, screaming fans, life on the road as well as lots of Chinese take-out.  All for the Glory of God.  Thanks Stryper.



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3 responses to “Stryper – ‘Nuff Said

  1. Lacey

    The yellow and black spandex would be very becoming, but I guess you better start letting your hair grow out right now – that look could take a while.

  2. pbphoto

    I saw them on TV recently. They are like 137 years old but still rocking out.

  3. I don’t know what you found hilarious about this video. This is serious stuff. Christian music is going to take over the music industry. I would like to purchase many Petra and Whitecross albums. Hey, I hear you can join a club and get 11 albums for a penny, and they send them to you in the mail! Also, I love the high note @ 4:40.

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