Rockets, Angels and Summer Camp

One of the things I love most about my job at a Christian summer camp is meeting so many people.  These people all have stories, and sometimes they love to share them — even when it may not be the most appropriate time.

Tonight as night fell around us and we gathered around a fire, kids were asked to share what God had done in their lives while at camp.  One boy stood up and he began to speak.

“One time I went to my friend’s house and they were playing with bottle rockets and I told them that they probably shouldn’t be playing with them but before I finished talking, my friend had lit one and it came zooming straight for my eye.  Luckily, an angel pushed me out of the way and the rocket hit me in the forehead (points to forehead).  If that angel hadn’t pushed me, that rocket would have popped my eye out (young girls respond in disgust and then he sat down).”

After that harrowing tale and a few other zingers, my good friend Nate stepped forward to lead them in a song.  He moved toward the fire with his guitar and then he quietly spoke.

“Alright guys, let’s worship God with our voices…(looks at bottle rocket kid who just lunged out of his seat)…and please leave the tree frog alone.”

I love camp.



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4 responses to “Rockets, Angels and Summer Camp

  1. Oh man, I love summer camp. And Nate. But not frogs.

  2. Chris

    Haha, oh how I miss campfire nights…

  3. Wow, this brings back so many memories. You have to love children’s campfires. Here are the campfires that happened each summer I’ll always appreciate:
    – The “My pet died” campfire
    – The “My relative died” campfire
    – The “Oh my, how do I end this campfire after that story” campfire
    And last, but never least, the one campfire we had years ago that occurred after we served baked beans that day. To several hundred kids. Who were all sat together in an area the size of a car. Priceless.

  4. Oh Jody. Does everything always revert back to potty humor?

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