Serious Times

There is a local eating establishment here in the Upstate that I find intriguing.  I amazed at their open health code violations (employees eating their food in the kitchen while preparing my food, not washing hands, handling my cup with their fingers around the rim, etc.)  but I am more impressed by the lengths to which they go to catch a hooligan.

The following sign was hung inside the stall door of the men’s bathroom:


These people may not care about health code, but they will hunt you down if you mess with their toilets.



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2 responses to “Serious Times

  1. lacey35

    Uh….. why didn’t you report those health code violations to me BEFORE I allowed our children to consume those chicken fingers? Now I know why I have never stepped foot in that restaurant before today. Thanks!

  2. It is so obvious that you’re the culprit. Classic Kev.

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