Laser for Lazy People

I was getting some groceries the other day and I always take the time to see what is new in the impulse buy department.  This little jewel caught my eye.


Please note the target pets: dogs (okay), cats (I can see it), fish, birds and lizards (really?).

The real selling point for this product is not even represented graphically.  It is the fact that you don’t have to move your lazy behind from its comfy nook in the sofa while you exercise your pet.  Don’t worry about missing your stories or another episode of Springer, just hold the Laser Pet Toy and Exerciser somewhat firmly in your sweaty Cheetos-stained fingers and barely move it — your pet will go wild with exercise.



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3 responses to “Laser for Lazy People

  1. lacey35

    Watching your stories with Cheeto-stained fingers. That’s nice. Really nice.

  2. You know, these “lasers” work on toddlers, too. Or so I’ve been told.

  3. Rebecca Millwood

    I would agree that this is the epitomy of laziness, but have you ever watched a dog chase a laser? it’s good for hrs of entertainment…we had David’s lab run smack into a wall and our dog trecking halfway up a tree until gravity took over and she tumbled back down… borderline animal cruelty, but worth it for a good laugh.

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