Awkward Moment

Yesterday I saw a friend of mine.  It had been some time since we last saw each other so we have had little time to perfect our greeting.  Normally, if you are greeting a stranger, a firm handshake is acceptable among men.  If it is a friend of yours that is just on the outer fringes of being a good friend, awkwardness may ensue and a good friendship may be set back for a time.  That is why I am proposing that all men move to one greeting style — I call it the Arm Wreslter Clasp.  It is simple and effective and if we eliminate all other greeting gestures, we can look forward to no more awkward moments.

With the Arm Wrestler Clasp, you now have the option to just leave it there — just clasping. But if you are familiar with one another, it can lead into a full on dude hug with your free arm.  The good thing about the Clasp is that if you are not down with the dude hug, you can use the arm that is attached to your clasping hand as a deflector.

I invite all dudes to get on board with this campaign.  Think about it — no more limp handshakes, no more uncertain squeeze-strengths while trying to establish your alpha maleness, and no more handshake/pounding/forearm bash routines that fall apart leaving both participants slightly embarrassed.

The Clasp


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  1. Maggie

    you should note that men should not try the arm wrestler with a lady. Why you may ask. If you do the arm wrestler to hug with a lady, there is that awkward placement of the back of the male’s hand.

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