CONAIR Has Spoken

I purchased a new electric trimmer set made by Conair.  I needed to upgrade especially since I find myself giving lots of haircuts to our male summer staff at Look Up Lodge Christian Camp.  The new trimmer set is cordless which is a plus now that I am a sort of country barber — traveling to the residences of those in serious need of hair trimming.

I opened the care and use manual and made an interesting discovery.  Please see the provided illustration.

facial hair

Conair has settled it.  These are the only acceptable forms of facial hair.  If you don’t see your facial hair style, you will no longer be recognized as having a beard/mustache.  Please make the appropriate changes.

And apparently their model committed a federal crime or was a member of the Village People.



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2 responses to “CONAIR Has Spoken

  1. It is good to see that Billy Mays had work before Pitchmen.

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