Mancode #613 – The Purse Hold

As a man, I probably shouldn’t be telling you our secret codes for fear of being kicked out — kicked out of the Man Club.

Scenario: Your wife or your lady friend hands you her purse to hold while she performs some non purse-holding task.

Mancode#613: Never throw the strap over your shoulder and wear it like it is a normal accessory for you.  This could draw the wrong kind of attention or cause people to think of you in a sub-dude sort of way.  The proper way to handle this situation is to grasp the purse from underneath and hold it awkwardly and away from your body as if it were a steaming bag of something gross.  When she ceases her non purse-holding task, return it to her with a cooperative smile and a slight look of disgust.  Just don’t overdo it or you may not be hanging out with her for very long.



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5 responses to “Mancode #613 – The Purse Hold

  1. Thanks for carrying my bag at the movie theatre when I had to care for our infant son.

    Hey, at least my bag is basically neutral and isn’t fake leather or covered in gold or leopard print!

  2. Marie from Germany

    yeah, i think you should differ between cool sporty purses and those mentioned by lacey above – it really makes a difference in a guy feeling uncomfortable!

  3. Hey! I thought I’d officially come out of hiding and admit that I love reading your blog. I found it through my friend Tabitha and have enjoyed reading it for the past couple of months. Thanks for the little bits of sunshine and the many laughs. Keep it up!

  4. Kev… I hate you! This is such a good post. I actually wrote it down as an idea two weeks ago for when I go live again.
    (I am actually considering a video on this exact topic. It’s too important. Particularly for the married man with children.)

    I’ve found there are very few and specific ways to do this right.

    If you you grab it from the bottom and don’t hold it away from you (Good method, never tried it)… I would make sure to hold it like a NFL pro regulation football. And make SURE you are flexing your bicep in that hold. It okay to use the body of the purse as a flat surface to make you bicep even look bigger.

    I personally prefer the top grab. No not by the strap mind you… but just a handful of purse… like you would grab a man’s hair that you are about to scalp.
    Give it a firm grip. This will communicate to onlookers that “Yes, I protect my wife’s belongings.” Giving you instant favor among the female public. AND it can naturally cause you to flex your bicep once again. Establishing your superiority in the male food chain.

    I often feel the need to hold a tomahawk in my free hand when executing the “top grab”

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