I Am a Hero

Let it be known throughout all the land and beyond that I am a hero.  I rescued my family from the venomous jaws of death — the deadly jaws of a copperhead.  That’s right, I am a hero.  I stepped into chaos and brought order with the swift blow of my shovel.  I valiantly severed the head from the writhing serpent and victoriously buried it deep in the earth.  I gallantly volunteered to have my photo taken (see photo below).  Then I bravely recorded my exploits in this blog.  Afterwards, I smiled handsomely and then went about my day.

Did I mention that I am also humble?

Me and Copperhead



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4 responses to “I Am a Hero

  1. Marie from Germany

    you are a true hero!!

  2. Way to go Sir Robin!

  3. nate

    remember that time i severed the head of a milk snake in your barn by throwing a shovel within 2 inches of your hands? that could have turned out a lot worse.

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