Man Hair

My son Bergen is a riot.  He is untamed and a boy through and through.  I think you can define Bergen as this: a loud noise covered in dirt.  That is Bergen.

Every now and again, he can come up with some zingers — he is his father’s son after all.  This one was particularly good.  He got up this morning with wild, wild hair, went outside and played in the early summer morning.  My dad, who is visiting with us for a week, is full of zingers too — he is my father.  He asked Bergen a question.

Dad:  Bergen, what is on your head?
Bergen:  Papaw, this is man hair!

Lacey captured his man hair with our beloved camera.




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2 responses to “Man Hair

  1. lacey35

    This was funny. I know. I was there.

  2. I LOVE THE HAIR BERG. Can I get a doo like that

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