Look Closer

Today I had to see a doctor for a bit of medical stuff.  No big deal, just checking things out.  I arrived at my scheduled appointment on time, yucked it up with the receptionist, and then took a seat.  I smiled at an elderly woman.  She smiled back.  Then they called my name.  I met my nurse.  We also yucked it up and I listened to her story about finding a lump on her neck.  The doctor came in, and we also proceeded to yuck it up.  We chatted for some time.  Then he had to step out.  I happened to glance in the mirror, and noticed a darkened area on my face.  It wasn’t there that morning.  I became slightly alarmed.  At least I was in a medical facility and they could take a look at it while I was there.  I leaned in close to the mirror and discovered that it was in fact chocolate.  Nice.


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  1. Marie from Germany

    hahaha how lovely!!!

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