Sporty Names

When I was a youngster, there seemed to be a relationship between one’s name and their athletic ability.  Here are the top five names that meant you were destined to be awesome at any sport you played:

1.  D.J.
2.  Corey
3.  T.J.
4.  Sean (pronounced Shawn)
5.  Chad

Here is the top one name that meant you would not be destined to be awesome at every sport you played:

1.  Kevin



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2 responses to “Sporty Names

  1. Maggie

    I think pretty much any name that is an acronym creates athletic greatness… like BHN… of course

  2. pj

    i guess you didn’t know any P.J.s huh? because if you had, clearly that name would’ve made the list due to several elementary footraces, kickball games, t-ball all star trophies, and intimidating spiked hairdos (that was just so people knew what was coming without me having to tell or show them)

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