Down with Technology

I think that technology ruins us.  I enjoyed using a broom the other day to clean up around the outside of our house.  Most men would have used their fancy “blower,” but I wanted to get back to my roots and just use a classic straw broom.  The work felt good and it was not as noisy as some hair-fangled “quick air-mover” that technology dropped in our laps.  I also liked the fact that I could watch my progress gradually instead of having that “wind-maker” blow everything away.  I am telling you, technology ruins us.  Now, I must finish up this blog entry because my microwave is beeping — the popcorn is ready.  We are watching a movie on my Blu-ray player.  It is in HD and so amazing.  It looks way better than lousy VHS.

Now I really have to go…my dad is calling me on my cell phone.  Now where is my Blue tooth device?


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  1. B.A.

    LOVE YA KEV!!!

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