Child Superhero

When I was a kid, I can remember thinking that I was a superhero.  My reasoning was logical.  Whenever I experienced a ringing sensation in my ears, I assumed that it was some sort of Superhero Detection System, or SDS, alerting me to someone in need.  The only problem was that I apparently had not learned to use my powers.  Apparently, I was not yet a mature superhero.  My Person-in-Distress Receptors, or PDR, failed to tell me where the victim was.  That led to extreme prepubescent frustration.  I remember running through my house trying to notice any change in the ringing.  I would assault my parents with helpful questions thinking that maybe they needed help of some kind.  Now that I think about it, maybe they needed help with their batty kid.  I guess that made me the hero and the villain.



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  1. That photo is …well….disturbing.

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