Box o’ Goods

Some of you may remember my encounter with Sally Beauty Supply. As it turns out, that encounter has turned into something larger than I could have expected.  They gave me a complimentary Sally Beauty membership and they have also asked me to be a product tester for their line of men’s hair care products.  I agreed and they followed through by sending me a box full of goods – almost $50 worth of their stuff.  In the coming weeks you may see how those items were field tested in the Keigley house.  I might even use it on Berg’s man hair.

Berg and Stuff



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3 responses to “Box o’ Goods

  1. Uh. I don’t know if you realize this or not, but we make really good-looking kids together!

  2. Marie from Germany

    this is really cool – Have you every thought that your first visit at Sallys beauty supply would be followed by so many advantages?! 😉

  3. Marie from Germany

    oh, and by the way – after testing these man products the above picture would sure be a perfect advertisment!! 🙂

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