I Want to Ride My Bicycle

My Tahoe is dead.  At least for now, and it was perfect timing.  I had just taken my mountain bike to our local outfitter, Sunrift, where it had a tune-up and complete overhaul.  Since having my bike available once again, I have been riding to work.  It is not a long haul, about a mile and a half or so, but it is uphill from my house to Look Up.  It has caused me to slow down and notice a few things as I ride:  cigarette butts, empty beer cans, broken beer bottles, McDonald’s bags, disfigured and bloated animals, construction material strewn about… just to name a few.  I guess in slowing down, I have been made aware of how fast we are really moving.

I think I may ride my bike to work from now on.


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