General Travel Agency

The other day I was in Hendersonville, NC.  I saw a business there that stirred my imagination.  The establishment was called General Travel Agency.

Traveler:  Yes, I am interested in taking a trip.
GTA:  Excellent, how can we help you?
Traveler:  I would like to go to Sydney, Australia.  I hear that…
GTA:  Wait, that sounds pretty specific.  We deal with just general travel.
Traveler:  But, you are a travel agenc…
GTA:  General Travel Agency.  Yes.  But your travel is specific.  We are not Specific Travel Agency.  If you wanted to breeze by Australia or if you just wanted to check out Europe, we could help.
Traveler:  But…
GTA:  You must leave now.


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  1. nate

    perhaps the founder was a high-ranking official in some sort of army? have you considered that? and if so, you should probably approach the subject more respectfully, you commi.

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