Time is On My Side

I took my watch off today for the first time in almost 3 months.
I left my cell phone on the counter — unattended and turned off.
Our summer sessions of camp are over and on this day, the only thing I am concerned about is the sun going down upon the fun I am having with my children.  Instead of worrying about who was filming free time, I had erected a make-believe car wash that consisted of our garden hose and a watering can (Their modes of transportation were a Big Wheel, a Radio Flyer Trike and a Cozy Cart).  Instead of making sure that all of the campers were safely filing into chapel, I was soaking my children with copious amounts of chilly water whilst all the while singing my own version of “Car Wash”.

Working at the car wash
Do whatcha wanna do
At the car wash yeah
Got lotsa, lotsa water for you

They couldn’t get enough of the car wash. They kept coming back over and over and over again.  Around and around they would go.  Either their cars were getting dirty rather quickly, or they were glad to have their Daddy home.  Really home.

It’s good to be home.  Fully.  Completely.  Attentively.


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