Smart Baby

The other day I was out for some Mexican, and I came across something amazing — a small boy, about 2 or 3, that had to be a genius.  I mean, there is no way that this little guy could be anything but.

There he was, sitting in a high chair in a restaurant, surrounded by a group of people that I could only assume was his family.  They were all talking to one another — about this and about that (I could not understand them), and every now and again, they would say something to the little boy.  The boy would respond and everyone would coo and smile.  Here is the part that proves he was a genius — they were all speaking Spanish!  Every single person at the table was speaking in Spanish, including — get this, the small boy!  How amazing!  And hats off to that family for being so committed to broadening the young lad’s horizon.

I don’t have a photo of the family, but the father looked a little like the man shown below.



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