Demanding a Response

After the countless e-mails and the new subscriptions to my blog, I think that one man captured what America was thinking regarding my last entry.  This question came from a close friend of mine, Tyler Stanton.
Tyler writes:  “What’s reason number 10?”
Well Tyler, if I list it here, it is only because I am so serious about it and your penetrating question demands a response.

10.  I will have a big family.
My own.  I currently have 6 children.  5 would not have been enough, and 7, well, just would have been silly.  And as you know, I do not, under any circumstances…play around.  To make that point even more — the years where Lacey and I were not fertile enough?  We adopted.


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One response to “Demanding a Response

  1. I cannot believe you used my name and “fertile” in the same sentence.

    But you need not worry, since I know that you do not play around, I will probably NOT seek revenge in any obvious manner.

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