Nasty Little Challenge

As some of you may know, I cannot stand nasty little dolls.  Some people have exploited this knowledge with mixed results.  In the interest of constantly trying to better myself (by not being freaked out by nasty little dolls), I would like for you to send me your photos of a nasty little doll — the more disturbing the better.  I don’t mean for you to scour the internet to find some jacked-up doll with fangs and gore and the like, I mean just your normal, everyday, nasty little doll.  If you own the doll, that is even better.  You can e-mail me here at (you will have to copy the address).
Today I will post the first photos, unknowingly submitted by my good friend Mark Dean (Mark is doing some real cool things for God).  These photos make me shake with disgust.

Mark, are you holding that nasty little hand?

Dean Dolls



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4 responses to “Nasty Little Challenge

  1. Chris H

    I dont know if you have seen this. I didnt even bother to watch myself. But it seems to have puppets and they kill things. Since you dont like that and we are talking about creepy things I thought I would share…enjoy. The movie is called Puppet Master.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, unfortunately I have seen that flick. It was kind’ve cool for its time. Those little “dolls” were diabolical, but fro some reason they didn’t creep me out. Not even when they took someone out with their tiny little hands.

  2. Stin

    I think i already tagged you in a facebook photo of a freaky doll am i right?

  3. Nope, not my hand! Are you kidding me? I took the picture then exorcised the camera!

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