Nasty Little Submission 2


This nasty little doll was submitted by my dear friend Leanne Boone.

The Nasty Little Challenge Rating
(1 = disturbing, 5 = disturbing and may cause nightmares, 10 = disturbing, nightmare-causing and most likely to induce vomiting):
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10

This submission gets a 9.  I almost gave it a 10 because I had direct interaction with this nasty little doll several times.  The first encounter came when my dearest Framily member Stin (Austin Wickstrum), decided it would be a good gift for me.  Not only was the doll horrific, but it was the manner in which Stin presented it to me that adds to its horrendous rating.
It was early, about 5:55 AM, and I was headed outside for my morning run.  It was still dark, and my senses were still climbing out of bed several feet behind me.  I made my way through the crisp morning air.  I casually approached the door of my 1999 green Tahoe and grabbed the handle to gain access.  The door swung open and the dome light came on shedding light upon the vision of terror set before me.  Stin had taken that nasty little doll and placed it in the driver’s seat — both nasty arms were straight out as if reaching for my throat, while its nasty little head was slightly turned as if it had been watching my witless approach to my unknown destruction.  Stin had also tenderly buckled that nasty little doll in the seat.  That “safety measure” was the only thing preventing that nasty little doll from flying out of that cold seat like a winged demon to drag me to the very depths of hell.
This doll then ended up in the trusted hands of my co-workers (namely members of the Boone family) where blood was added to her mouth and an appendage or two were removed.  After undergoing several heart-stopping transformations,  the doll made several appearances in my office.  My “favourite” time was when I found it hanging by its neck with my name written on a tag attached to its nasty little chest.
Thanks everyone!  Keep them coming!  Thank you for participating and adding to the scars that refuse to heal!


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  1. Stin

    Just keepin ya sharp…

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