The Trouble with Beards

Beard TroublePeople think that it is easy having a beard.  They think that life is a walk in the park.  They think that things come easy to bearded folk just because we have hair on our faces.  The general public thinks that people with beards possess magic and have pet dragons.  I beg to differ.
In the coming weeks, I plan to discuss the trouble with beards — the highs and the lows of being a man with an abundance of hair on his face.
I would also like to give you a chance to contribute.  If you are dude (or a brave girl) and you have a beard and a story, please send proof of both.
It is time for us to speak.


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One response to “The Trouble with Beards

  1. Stin

    No shave november is in full swing in my house!

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