Nasty Little Submission 4

Washburn Dolls

This nasty little doll photo was submitted by my Virginia pal, Dana Washburn.

The Nasty Little Challenge Rating (1 = disturbing, 5 = disturbing and may cause nightmares, 10 = disturbing, nightmare-causing and most likely to induce vomiting):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I think based upon this photographic evidence, we all now know what happened to Elvis.  Because of the potential of that doll tracking me down and turning me into its own plastic plaything, I have given this one a 5 on the Nasty Little Challenge Rating.  Also, please note that the doll kept a momento — a full colour magazine on the “death” of Elvis.  Nice one nasty doll.


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One response to “Nasty Little Submission 4

  1. I have to ask – where is this displayed in Dana’s house? Or, the better question – why????

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