My Prerogative

Mr Brown in ReposeMy prerogative.  Those two words evoke such a strong response in me.  It takes me back to 1988 when times were simpler and the movie Rain Man was number one.  It is also the title of a song that has a strange effect on me.
I can’t explain it.
For whatever reason, when Bobby Brown invites everyone to “get busy” at the song’s start, it is like a green light for me to start dancing.  I don’t know if it is the steady beat of the synth drums or the dynamic lyrics where Mr. Brown made a hit whilst using the word “prerogative” in an R&B song — it makes me want to move.
The movements I am inclined to perform are similar to a bird without wings that is trying to fly.  Other moves include gravity-defying slides on one foot to the left, then to the right and then of course back again.  There is also lots of fist pumping and biting of my bottom lip.  Though I have never been able to pull those moves together collectively in public, I fear that if I ever do, I may explode into a fiery dance-bird or be signed as a stage dancer for an 80’s tribute tour.
One thing I can assure you — you will never see this dance of mine performed.  Unless of course you are hiding in my storage building early in the morning where I like to work out and listen to music — and sometimes dance.


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One response to “My Prerogative

  1. Jeff Short

    Great post Kevin! Though I am a little concerned some of my moves may have been stolen after reviewing your use of the fist-pump/lip-biting combo….

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