Nasty Little Submission 5


This nasty little doll photo was submitted by my almost sister, Jane McDonald.

The Nasty Little Challenge Rating (1 = disturbing, 5 = disturbing and may cause nightmares, 10 = disturbing, nightmare-causing and most likely to induce vomiting):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Jane sent this bit of horror to me via her cell phone.  When I got her text, I was like, “Cool.  Jane has sent me a text.  I wonder what it could be?”  But when I opened it, I was like, “Ahhhgh!”  Then I was like, “Dangit Jane!”  After that, I was like, “That was horrible, but thanks for your submission to my blog.”  Then I was like… kind of sleepy.
According to Jane’s own testimony, this nasty doll was life-size.  I know that it is not the clearest photo, but that may be for the best.  If it were any clearer, by law I would have to put a parental warning on my blog and that costs extra.  I gave this one an 8 on the Nasty Little Challenge Rating because of its sheer size and potential to wrap its nasty hands around my throat, even in jest.


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