Coffee McGhee

I have a confession to make.
I might be addicted to coffee.
I can remember a time where the thought of drinking coffee repulsed me.
Then I remember when the smell was attractive, but still I could not fathom pouring it down my gullet.
But then, in one night of desperation, I had to stay alert.  I poured a cup.  After adding loads of sugar and creamer, I lifted the steaming mug and sipped.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Today I am a coffee snob of sorts.  I make great effort to purchase all of my coffee at our local coffee store, Leopard Forest Coffee Company.  Not only are they staffed with super-human people and led by one who shares my vision on buying local and supporting community, but they also produce a fine bean.
Now I am buying whole beans and grinding them.  Savouring the aroma as it is ground.  Growing impatient for a taste as the almost-tangible flavour wafts through the quiet morning atmosphere after a hard run.
I have a handcrafted mug (featured in the photo) that has been granted the privilege to hold my liquid deliciousness.
I prefer dark roasts with a drizzle of Italian Sweet Cream.
I think it is because of my desire and passion for coffee that has caused my friends to call me Coffee McGhee.
Or maybe it is because I had my name legally changed to Coffee Laughypants McGhee.
Either way, I must confess, I love coffee.



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4 responses to “Coffee McGhee

  1. Sarah Hamm

    I would respond to this post, but I MUST. GET. COFFEE. NOW.

  2. Walter

    Oh CLM! You’ve come a long way, baby.

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