The Trouble with Beards:5

Fact: Bearded men live on average 100% longer than anyone else
Fact: Bearded men must consider the length of their beard when they get a haircut

There is nothing worse for a Beardy who has been sporting his beard for some time than to get a refreshing haircut and enter immediately into a public setting.  Not only is he in a weakened state from having his hair cut, but he is also susceptible to quiet ridicule.  The quiet ridicule takes place when people notice that your hair to beard ratio is way off.  Sometimes, on a lot of Beardys, it can appear as though someone grabbed your head and twisted it upside down.  This is when the hair on your beard is longer and shaggier than the hair on your head.  In beard communities, we call this the Twisted It Upside Down Syndrome, or TIUDS for short.  Most Beardys just say “TUDS”  because to say “TIUDS” just sounds ridiculous.
So remember TIUDS and keep your quiet ridicule to yourself.  Give the Beardy time to make it home and trim and serenely comb his/her face.


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