Nasty Little Submission 6

This nasty little doll photo showed up in my inbox.  It had a terrible, terrible message attached:

Hello Kevin,
I hope you are doing well.
Scary Baby Doll

The Nasty Little Challenge Rating (1 = disturbing, 5 = disturbing and may cause nightmares, 10 = disturbing, nightmare-causing and most likely to induce vomiting):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What in the name of all that is holy?  O my goodness.  This one may take the cake.  Just look how sad that clown is.  You can bet I would be sad too if I was held hostage by a naked demon doll with no feeling in its lower appendages.
I gave this one an 10 on the Nasty Little Challenge Rating. Do I really need to explain why?
See you in my dreams Scary Baby Doll.  And by dreams I mean coma-inducing nightmares.



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2 responses to “Nasty Little Submission 6

  1. Marie from Germany

    Kevin! For a couple of weeks i have been asking myself what makes you so angry and frightening of all those dolls – that you request them to put them on a scale ….
    But today i understood! I walked through streets downtown – relaxed and anxious about all those little stores decorated for christmas, looking for some sweet candy to treat myself… but from one second to another i glanced to the right, thinking there was a big santa in front of a store. Staring at me and having a mean look in its face…. well, as you may guess – it was a santa doll, the size of a human being, with a gigantic head…. Unfortunately i did not have my camera with me to document this christmas decoration nightmare…


  2. Kevin

    I am glad you did not take a picture of Santa. It may have ruined Christmas for me forever.

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